Thursday, 27 September 2007

black stork serendipity

I ran into these black storks from spain at biologbelizon maintained by Salvador Belizon in Cadiz, Spain, quite by chance. I was watching and clicking on this image as it was passing by took me to his spanish page where I even managed to leave a message in my very poor spanish! You can read the page in English using .

Some black storks migrate to India around September-March, but are rare.


Devjani said...

Hi Amit,

Thanks a lot! See, your comment page is open to readers/viewers. Though I am not sure whether you would be checking this, but I had no other option but to write here, as I couldn't find you out in Ryze and I don't know whether you can reply to the comments in your blog. I didn't find any such option.

Lovely pictures you have on your blog. Khub sundor, Bhabchhilam ekta Salim Ali kinte hobe, to eta diyeo shuru ta kora jaabe mone hochchhe:)

Ebaar aashi lekha tar kothay...well....ota deliberately'i kora. The person never thought that she/he would fall in love with the person, or he/she was never when they were together in college. Tar por dujonei onek otha pora, ghat protighater modhye diye eshe hotat eke onyer mukhomukhi. Jaake uddeshyo kore eta lekha, se kintu khub'i pochhondo korto poet ke, jodio poet sebhabe bhaben-ni kokhono. Kintu prem to shob shomoy at first sight hoyna, onek khetrei eta ekta 'process', ekhetreo hoyto taai. Aami janina aapni ei Gharonda cinema'r ei gaan ta shunechhen ki na, "Tumhe ho na ho mujhko to itna yakeen hai mujhe pyar tumse nahin hai nahin hai." Gaan ta puro ta jana thaakle bujhte parben aami ki bolte chaichhi. Onek shomoyei aamra erokom onek kichhu realise korte onek deri kore pheli, ba bujhte pereo bujhte chaina.

Baage pelo college'r din gulo, tarai dekhlo meye tir ebhabe jobdo howa, jara dekhechhilo hoyto chhele tir aakuti aar meye tir nishprihota.

Bangla te likhte hoyto partam. Aashole aami eto tech savy noi....bangla te likhe sheta blog'e kibhabe up kora jaay, sheta niye aamar dharona ta khub sposhto noy. Thik etai Bangla te porte chaile, click korun October issue te ota chhapaa hoyechhe.

Aar comment niye kono karikuri korte chaile, go to settings and then change your comment settings.

Take care...


S.Belizón said...

Hello, I'm Salvador Belizón, now I have a new blog called "darwin's eye", greetings